Are double-stuffed Oreos really double-stuffed?

This was the question I posed to my grade 7s as they were learning about mass and volume. Using one regular Oreo, one double-stuffed Oreo, and any of the lab supplies, they had to design their own experiment to try and answer this question. The different ideas were fantastic! One group measured the height of both the regular Oreo and the double-stuffed Oreo, and subtracted the height of the outside cookies to determine whether the inside was in fact double the height.


Another group compared the mass of a double-stuffed Oreo with the mass of two regular Oreos stuck together (with their top cookies removed).


Even another group used the displacement method to figure out if the stuffing was double the volume.


The students are really into making time-lapse videos of their science experiments – and what a great way for them to review the material before an assessment! With 60 minutes to complete the activity, they had a lot of fun playing with their Oreos, demonstrated teamwork in coming up with their procedure, and of course, finished the experiment with a fresh cookie to snack on!


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  1. Pipspaw says:

    So were the Oreo’s double stuffed or not!? Where are the results, how will I know what to purchase next time I’m at the old Bob and whistle? Sincerely, PipsPaw


    1. Hi Pipspaw, thanks for your comment. My students were quick to hypothesize that they were being gypped and the cookie makers would probably put less than double the stuff. In the end, they discovered that on average, double-stuffed Oreos were actually more than double-stuffed! I hope this helps in your next trip to the old Bob and whistle.


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