Chemistry Fair

As a fun wrap-up activity to our chemistry unit, my grade 7 students were given a week and a half to devise a chemistry experiment to show off at our annual Chemistry Fair. Using sites like Science Kids and Science Bob, they were inspired to recreate their own science experiment. Along with acquiring the supplies, my students also needed to design a report about their experiment in any method of their choosing – a video, a slideshow, a poster board, etc. The report had to include such content as their purpose, a list of materials, their procedure, and a scientific explanation for how the experiment works.

Version 2
A student prepares her alka-seltzer lava lamps

For the day of the fair, we booked the senior school lab spaces to make it feel a little more like an event. The students were excited to set up their benches and were prepared to be able to repeat their experiments at least 5 times as different classes came to walk around.

The confidence and maturity of the students at the fair was astounding. They were so proud to show off all of their hard work. And the students who came to watch had a great time. All in all, it was a successful event!



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